Well today was my very own B Day..Bakefest! We are off to stay in town for 2 weeks in our camper trailer at the Caravan Park for swimming lessons on Monday so I am baking to keep the kids fed and happy & because I then know what they’re eating! I cranked into gear this morning after my morning coffee fix, headed to my lovely neighbours for coffee and to get some eggs and also scored 4 buckets of yummo fresh from the tree plums!

Came home & got straight into the baking! Firstly came Grandma Walter’s Lemon Coconut Slice, a BIG hit with the young & old alike.
I love this recipe cause the majority of it is made in the trusty food processor!
1/2c condensed milk
250g pack granitas
1c dessicated coconut
125g butter
1T grated lemon rind
Crush granitas and stir through lemon rind and coconut. Slowly melt butter in a small pan with butter. Pour over bikkie mix and combine. Press into a lamington tray and chill till hard.
1 3/4c icing sugar
15g butter
3 T lemon juice
2 T coconut
Spread this over the top of the cooled base and sprinkle with coconut!
For the food pro, chuck the granitas, lemon rind and coconut in the and whizz till fine crumbs. Pour melted butter/ condensed milk in and whizz to combine. Whack that into the lamington tray. When chilled, combine all icing ingredients except coconut, in the food pro, whizz till thickened and spread over he base. Sprinkle coconut over the top.




Then I cooked a triple batch of my faves, Choc Chips or Toll House Biscuits! If you acnt read the recipe in the photo, let me know and I’ll add that one for you guys!


I have a hate of baking biscuits cause I hate waiting for them to bake, so I whacked up an anzac bikkie slice..just like the bikkies but on a grand scale – think triple batch in big slice tray!

20130110-170017.jpg I dont know anyone who doesnt love a good anzac biscuit and so far, I havent had any complaints about this slice version either! I quite often bake it just cause its quick and simple and the ingredients are always in my pantry.
The recipe for this one is 1 c each of oats – NOT quickcook, sugar & plain flour; 3/4 c of coconut; 2 T golden syrup; 1t bi carb; 2 T boiling water & 125g butter. Combine sugar, coconut, oats & flour in a bowl. Meanwhile melt butter and golden syrup in a small saucepan over a low heat. Boil kettle and mix boiling water with bi carb soda. Pour butter/golden syrup mix over dry ingredients and then for the fun bit..add the bi carb/ water mix to the butter & golden syrup..wait for it to do its cool eruption and then stir to combine. Press gently into a lined slice/ lamington tray & bake for about 15 mins at 180 degrees. Cool and then cut into slices or slabs..whichever takes your fancy. ENJOY!
Last for the day was rocky road..everyones fave! I melt 4 blocks of milk plaistowe chocolate, but any melting chocolate is good, in a big pyrex bowl over water on a saucepan. Big hint here…get any water in the chocolate mix and you may as well ditch it cause it wont melt, so be super careful not to get any water in the chocolate! At all!!!!
While thats melting, combine whatever you like to add to rocky road. The choices are endless & completely optional! I always do it kid friendly so mine consists of 2 packs of mini turkish delights, a pack of mini mallows, a pack of crushed nuts ( the ones you use on banana splits!) & a cup of rice bubbles for some added crunch. Mix all that together in the base of a big baking tray & once the choc is melted, very carefully pour the chocolate over the other ingredients and stir gently to combine it all so everything is coated in chocolate. Whack that in the fridge – or the freezer if your impatient! – until it sets hard. Bust it up into chunks and share the rocky road love..

Tomorrow is the chocolate cakes and cornflake cookies, plus some sausage rolls..another big hit! Seeya then!



Tonight after a long day in town, we hit the Gibson Soak Hotel for a quiet counter meal..with 21 adults & 24 kids…how quiet was that gonna be??? The “Soak” as it is fondly known, boasts that no one walks out after a meal, not feeling chock a block full! The way Im feeling right now is blimped out! The meals are GINORMOUS and the best quality..just absolute soul food! My choice for the evening was Avocado Chicken..a chicken breast, butterflied and stuffed with sliced avo & camembert cheese, wrapped in bacon and drowned in a chilli mango sauce..foodgasm right there n then! Delish from go to WHOA! Other devine morsels on their menu read as Lamb Shanks with Garlicky Potato Mash, coming complete with their own mini sized cast iron camp oven; choice of rump, scotch fillet or t-bone steak with sauce – garlic, mushy, pepper or diane & all kindsa fishy things in bulk quantities! Ever get the chance to go there for a feast (and oh…it SO will be one!) do it..should be on everyones bucket list or list of things to do before you die! Situated 15kms north of Esperance on the Kalgoorlie/Norseman Hwy and set under magnificent Moreteon Bay Fig Trees, the hosts Phil & Di Waddington would love to see you there & always have time for a yarn! They also have a coffee machine so you can grab a latte and a decadent dessert – think choc mud cupcakes, BACCI cupcakes, apple & apricot crumble pies – chill out under the shade of the beautiful figs and ponder the world going by around you…and honestly..NO ONE EVER LEAVES THE SOAK HUNGRY!


This is what Ill be doing tomorrow while I wait for my baked delights to cool/cool/set etc! Off to Red Dot to get a heap of new containers/jars/boxes etc to organise this mess! Wish me luck..I may need it!


Hey all…
So sorry I still have no recipes or foodie pix to show off…my house is literally like Mother Hubbard’s super empty cupboard today! I dont even have the makings of a decent sandwich going on in my kitchen! Thankfully my awesome bro inlaw, Rob, is stepping in to play caterer today..cold pizza for the workers! Cheers Roberto!!! In saying that, the girls and I are off to town today so the foodstocks will be totally replenished by this arvo…and tomorrow I begin the bakefest of the century..catering for my tribe for 2 weeks in town at Swimming Lessons…where theres twice as many kids that eat twice as much food and literally INHALE it after a morning of swimming!!! Cant wait to bring you some of my tried and tested recipe marvels to feed an army…hang in there! Tomorrow is the DAY!
And in case you cant wait till then..heres a little sneak peak of a sweet treat I made for our Cascade Bookclub Windup..Chocolate Heaven Cake..with some cake pop baubles!



Hello there fellow foodies! Welcome to my new blog, SweetTreatsnEats! By creating this blog, Im hoping to take you on a bit of a culinary journey with me, through my kitchen and into the soul of foody heaven! I love to bake and create dishes to feed my family and our friends! Nothing gives me more pleasure than feeding people and knowing they are satisfied because of the hearty country style foods I make and serve them. Heres to good food, health and happiness..please follow me on this tour of taste, sight, smell and savour the flavour with me..enjoy  Tash x