Hey all…
So sorry I still have no recipes or foodie pix to show off…my house is literally like Mother Hubbard’s super empty cupboard today! I dont even have the makings of a decent sandwich going on in my kitchen! Thankfully my awesome bro inlaw, Rob, is stepping in to play caterer today..cold pizza for the workers! Cheers Roberto!!! In saying that, the girls and I are off to town today so the foodstocks will be totally replenished by this arvo…and tomorrow I begin the bakefest of the for my tribe for 2 weeks in town at Swimming Lessons…where theres twice as many kids that eat twice as much food and literally INHALE it after a morning of swimming!!! Cant wait to bring you some of my tried and tested recipe marvels to feed an army…hang in there! Tomorrow is the DAY!
And in case you cant wait till then..heres a little sneak peak of a sweet treat I made for our Cascade Bookclub Windup..Chocolate Heaven Cake..with some cake pop baubles!