Easter Eggs Are Eggscellent!

Hey all..
Happy easter weekend to you all! Our easter always consists of a bonfire, the first of the season (we are a tad addicted to bonfires!!), roasting mallows on gum branches & easter eggs galore! This year was no exception, just without as many friends/family around as we have had over the past few years. On Friday night, we cranked the bonfire up and pulled out the mallows, grabbed mallow cooking sticks and set to it..yummo! What a sweet feast



Saturday, we had a night off to prep ourselves for our Easter Day bonfire, with good friends the Rollond Crew. After a few catchup drinkies it was time for our easter day egg hunt, so we sent the kids off running down the lane while Mary and I hid eggs galore. The kids came back huffing and puffing and were straight into it! They all managed a decent sized haul of eggs and gorged themselves on their eggs.

I think we had a few happy kids there!
We cranked the barbie up and cooked up a feast fit for kings – steak, chicken, curry spuds & sausage sizzle for the kids, which they managed to devour even after all those eggs!!!

My curry spud recipe is as follows and super easy!

1kg of spuds (I use nadines)
Curry powder
Olive oil for frying

Dice your spuds up into small cubes.
You can par boil them if your in a hurry now. I dont normally cause Im never in a hurry in my kitchen!
Pour a tablespoon or so olive oil into a pan and get it hot.
Chuck a few spuds in – not too many or it will take you all night to get them soft.
Sprinkle with as little or as much curry powder as you can handle & give them a flick or too with an egg flip or similiar.
Pour about 1/4c water into the pan and stick a lid on it. Give them a flick occasionally to stop them sticking and to fry them evenly.
This is a pretty hands on recipe cause you want the pan hot all the time, so you do have to be on standby to flick them.
When you can stick a fork in your spuds without too much trouble and theyre browned up a bit, then theyre ready to enjoy.
Serve with whatever your eating..they go with most things. I also do a variation sometimes with garlic and rosemary leaves…yummy!

The kids have polished off all the food I brought last week so I had to bake some bits and pieces to keep them fed and happy. We made a double batch of melting moments which got inhaled almost as soon ad they got iced & were super yummo…one of my fave bikkies.

125g butter – softened (I keep mine at room temperature all the time)
1t vanilla extract or essence
2T icing sugar
3/4c plain flour
1/4c cornflour

Beat the butter, vanilla & icing sugar till its light and creamy. Stir in the sifted flours and combine. I always use a teaspoon to spoon my mixture onto a lined baking tray, but you can use a piping bag if you can use one (hence the reason I use the spoon!) if using a spoon, dip a fork into plain flour and press lightly into biscuits.
Bake in a moderate oven – about 180 celsius – for about 10 minutes or till lightly browned. Cool and fill with icing.

2c icing sugar – sifted
30g butter
1/2t vanilla
1t milk

Beat till fully combined. You can add food colouring, cocoa powder or passionfruit pulp to the mix to give more flavour or just to make them even more decadent.

Spread the biscuits with icing and press 2 halves together..enjoy.


The only other thing we baked yesterday, was a hi lite cake. My Mum used to make these all the time when she was a shearers cook when we were kids and theyre super easy & big which is good for a family of 6…
The kids helped with ours so it ended up being a green cake with pink icing and sprinkles, plus a few Easter eggs in the centre for decoration.


The recipe for the hi lite cake is as follows:


2 1/2c SR flour sifted
4 eggs
4T custard powder
2c sugar
250g marg
1c milk

Throw all the ingredients into a big bowl and hit with your beaters till all combined. Pour mixture into a lined baking tray and bake in a moderate oven – about 180 – for 40 minutes or till skewer comes out clean. Slather on some butter icing and enjoy..=)

There are so many variations for this cake..chuck pretty well whatever you like in it and it just seems to work. Its a great cake for birthday parties – enough to feed a small army, plus lefty and overs for lunchbox treats and its also really good for marble cakes!

Oh well guys, enjoy the rest of your easter holidays and I’ll see you here next time…hopefully I’ll be baking up a storm during the week so I’ll be posting some recipes!


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