Well, here we are again! Almost back to school time for us in WA. I have decided that each week I am going to make 3 kids lunch box ideas, just to vary what theyre eating and cause I get so over making sandwiches everyday and I cant imagine they’d be fun to eat for the tinlids either! Well, I couldnt eat the same crap for 40 weeks of school!!!
So Miss Lily and I pored over our cookbooks and found a list of ideas to try out. This is what we came up with:

-Mini cheese & bacon potato halves (kinda like stuffed potatoes, but only halves)

-Chip crumbed chicken drummies or marinated chicken pieces and a salad on the side.

-Chicken and corn turnovers..little golden parcels of pastry full of chicken and corn filling..yummo!

-Traffic light sambos – bread columns with cherry tomato spots, gherkin spots and cheese spots.

-Mini Hawaiian pizzas

-Homemade pies made in my new pie maker with leftovers

-Homemade sausage rolls – an old fave but always a winner!

-Homemade chicken nuggets and salad.

-Pinwheels with different fillings. A couple of our faves are pizza where I just put everything Id normally put on pizzas, into my food pro and whizz till its a thick paste and then spread over puff pastry sheets and roll, then cut into skinny rounds and ovenbake; ham & cheese, which is just grated cheese over strips of ham & cheeseymite – quick and super easy!

-Rice paper rolls and an asian style slaw.

-Cold rissoles and salad – my kids are all suckers for cold rissoles and its always a fight to get them before the kids, so they’ll be a big hit!

Last but not least, another family fave, homemade zucchini slice.

Another list Lily and I made, was for recess ideas. I always put at least 2 pieces of fruit or vege in their lunchboxes and they do ‘Crunch & Sip’ so they need fruit chunks for that, but I always like to add a homemade treat as well.
Some of our faves are:
-Melon shapes, cut out with bikkie cutters for something fun, rather than just chunks of fruit.

-Cake pops that I make in my cake pop maker, which is super fast and I end up with heals of them from just one mixture.

-Fruit kebabs – your choice of fruit chunks skewered on wooden skewers. Cut the points off the ends of the skewers after you thread the fruit so they dont become schoolyard weapons. I’d hate to write this up as a suggestion and then find out someones kid lost an eye at school or something..hahaha!

-Cupcakes or muffins – always topped with a fruit juice based icing or fruit muffins so its a little bit healthy.

-Grisini sticks with choc dip – buy or bake little grisini sticks/breadsticks from your local shop & serve with a small tub of nutella or some other paste to dip them in.

-Mini meringues – I always find Im making batches of meringues or pavs with leftover egg whites from other recipes. Add a natural or unnatural food colourings for something a little more fun. I use the unnatural colourings cause I cant stand the flavours of the natural ones, but feel free to use whichever floats your boat!

All recipes will be available on my blog as I make them, plus photos to show what theyre meant to look like, so keep your eyes peeled for updates!
Cheers till then..=)



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