Hey all..
Just a quick post tonight to say sorry about the promise of chocolate cake that still hasnt come…I am getting there but spent most of today packing for 6 people for 2 weeks..and that takes some doing!
Tonight we cooked up one of our fave teas..Steak Kilpatrick! This is an old Newdegate Hotel fave of both mine and my husbands, and it was a 1st time treat for our workman Mark. He’s a kiwi and apparently they dont do Kilpatrick in NZ, or parmigana as we found out a while back.
Here are the recipes for both..

4 scotch fillet or porterhouse steaks
3 rashers bacon diced finely
3T woosty Sauce (worcestishire)
1c grated tasty cheese

Fry steak to your liking and while its cooking, combine the diced bacon & the woosty sauce.
When your steak is cooked, sprinkle some of the bacon over the top of it and then top with grated cheese.
Place under the grill until the cheese melts and browns off.
Serve with steakhouse fries and salad




  1. Hey Tash
    Trying out your Steak Kilpatrick for dinner tonight. Its in the oven and looks scrummy!!! Was soooo easy to do, great cause I have been at work all day today!!! Hope you are having fun camping!!
    Cheers Bree 🙂

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