Hey all…
Well today I had THE best sleep in in ages, which I really needed! I have been influxed with constant thoughts and ideas for my home and my mind has been in overdrive to the point that I have been catching only a couple of hours sleep per night…not cool when your running a farm and trying to keep up with 4 super active little people! Anyhow..feeling a million times more amazing today and I started a list of inspirational home thoughts and ideas on my ipad so I can write them down instead of frying my brain with them! So far its over 5 pages long…thats a lotta inspiration to hang onto in my head, plus the farm book keeping, which is a mammoth task & the day to day running of our home!
So I started the day at about 9:30am and kicked off with my morning coffee kick – pretty well regulation for me! – and ran some mail down to the mail box (2kms away from the house), went for a walk with the dogs and watched the kids in their new pool for half an hour. Did the morning chores – washing, dishes and sweeping the loungeroom floor & then it was lunchtime. Had the family, plus the workman and my mum in law Jude and bro in law Rob all here and hungry. Jude and Rob had brought along some lunch but I had to feed the rest of the gang, so salad sangas it was for them and me. After they left to head back to work and off to town, it was time for me to get onto bakefest day 2! First came cornflake bikkies and then cheese and chutney sausage rolls.
The cornflake bikkie recipe can be found on the side of the cornflakes & I add sultanas to mine, but its personal taste on that one.


The sausage rolls I make just as a basic mince, using all sausage mince, a finely diced onion, 2 pieces bread, mixed herbs and garlic & an egg, then I add whatever I feel like adding at the time. Sometimes I do pizza flavour so I whizz up all types of pizza toppings with 2 T tomato paste and add that to the mince, or like today I added 1/2c grated tasty cheese & 1/2c chutney. Play around with the basic mix and add things to your liking. They pretty much only need the mince, an onion finely diced, bread or breadcrumbs and an egg to make the basic sausage roll recipe.

I didnt get around to baking the chocolate heaven cake today so that will happen tomorrow! Look forward to that..its fiddly but delishiosa…full of flavour and its so moist and yummy and covered in rich dark choc ganache, its a bit of a treat and comes in really handy for birthdays!
Till tomorrow then guys xT


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